Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bedroom Inspiration

When we/I decorated our house after we bought it over four years ago, we went CRAZY buying everything, and seriously I mean everything, in brown (espresso).  I didn't realize this when we bought it, because I knew I liked to change things up and could always add color with accessories. BUT our furniture, couches, tables, dressers, everything is BROWN, we painted our kitchen cabinets brown, curtains even had...brown. And I even had Matt make a shelf for the living room to hold pictures, and guess what color I painted it... you guessed it...BROWN!! What the heck was I thinking? I have changed some things up here and there, and now I am on a mission to add some serious color in this place. I love anything Ballard Designs style. Light, airy, but with a touch of color. 
Oh y'all, there are SO many projects I've been wanting to do around here. Brightening up our bedroom being one of them. I found a few inspiration pictures, and I kind of have an idea of what I want to do, but I think I am just scared to take the step to actually make it happen, for fear my design ADD mind will want something different in a few months...ya feel me?

We have a poster bed similar to this...
And I really think I want to incorporate yellow...
and probably not floral, but for some reason I just liked the feel of this room...
Pinned Image
It's bright, airy, and has some color. Any thoughts on what I should incorporate???
Hopefully I will find some inspiration from others since I am linking up here:

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Thanks Gussy, I think this is what I needed to get me going...=)

Love Becky


  1. We have lots of brown furniture too! I love the deep Espresso color. I love your ideas to lighten up your bedroom... especially the yellow!

  2. Coming over from Gussy's IW!

    I posted that same canopy bed! I am in love with it. :)

  3. I love the splashes of yellow. So pretty and it adds a lot of light.

    New follower from Gussy Sews

  4. That second one is true perfection! I love grey and yellow together. It's definitely my goal for the next time I go all out decorating!