Friday, January 20, 2012

Instafriday - deal of the week!!

My FIRST instafriday link!!!
Matt was off Monday so he joined us for Cate's gym class...

Prepping for 2024...
Then we went to the mall to try to find Matt some such luck, 
BUT someone had some fun...
Riding the carousel is SERIOUS business!

Wednesday, one of my good friends babysitter was sick, and she had to run in to work, so I did some emergency babysitting and watched her five month old, 2 year old, and Cate! 
I survived, and I will admit, I was super nervous, but it went SO smoothly, even better when we meet up for play dates! Maybe it was because I was entertaining them and playing versus when us mama's are trying to catch up and hoping they entertain themselves=) ha!
We ate some chocolate cookies...
AND today...we went to toysrus and bought this deal of the week...

and check out the price...
It was a floor model and so it was marked down from $60.00, 
and we had some coupons from our toysrus club, 
so we actually got this for........drum roll please.....
$.97!!!! YES $.97!!!
CRAZY good deal!!!
Happy weekend!


  1. That is an insanely good deal! I wish I was that lucky!
    Dropping by from InstaFriday! :)

  2. AMAZING deal! What a great find! Your baby girl is so precious!

  3. Great deal! I loved your week!