Thursday, February 23, 2012

Core and no joke!

Core and more about killed me today, no joke. I had heard this is the hardest class at the Y, 
and so I've been scared to go, yes scared. But today, I went, and it DOES live up to its talk.
Tomorrow, I probably won't be able to walk. 
I don't think I have sweat that much since I was in high school...over 10 years ago!!! Soaking soaking soaking wet with sweat, but that means the workout was OH SO GOOD! Yikes...tomorrow will probably be bad...VERY bad...I guess I should start poppin' the motrin now, as I'm sitting here resting, while litte bit is napping...
(and no, that's not me in the pic above...=)
Happy Thursday!
Love Becky

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  1. Oh, My! Workouts like that are SOOO good, until the next day! And then you wonder what the heck you were thinking! ;) Good for you! Wish I had worked out like that!Z,