Friday, February 3, 2012

Week in pics

Marty was looking for Doc at Chick-fil-a...
Mama and dada went out last weekend to celebrate a friend's was had...
we went to visit dada at work this week, and a vendor was there with their tour bus...

we had a play date with friends at a cool coffee house with indoor playground! 
(come on Starbucks...get with it...)
80* in February is FABULOUS!
mama wore her new flats...
and we played in the rain/sprinkles...
very weird weather here this week...

Happy weekend!

Love Becky


  1. Love the flats! We've been having unseasonably warm weather here in VA too. My fingers are crossed that Winter will forget about us.:)

  2. We've had the same crazy weather here in Louisiana. It just doesn't feel like winter at all!

  3. OMG!! Since I've been a mom, I've always said how awesome it would be to have a coffee house with a play area!!!! I'm SO jealous!!