Friday, February 10, 2012

Week in pics

My new fave...homemade sweet potato fries on my salad...weird? Maybe. Delish? YES!
We listened and looked for airplanes...
2 cute fo sho!
Princess Cate in the car...
I NEVER wanted to let my child snack in the car, because I read once not to because if they were to choke, you have no way to help them when you're driving down the road, and that paranoid me. just wasn't worth fighting the battle.

We played a little golf...
Shared a yummy treat with Dada at Jason's...
and y'all... we're getting some CURLS!!!

We also went and toured a preschool for Cate for next year. I LOVED it and we are on the wait list!

Happy weekend!

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Love Becky


  1. sweet potato fry salad? that sounds awesome! And Cate it just too cute, as usual!

  2. Oh her curls are the sweetest thing!!! LOVE! Is your man an Aggie? Just wondering cuz it looks like he's sporting an Aggie ring. I'm an Aggie! But not a crazy one. =)Oh, and you need to stop by my new linky party and link up a post!

  3. Her giraffe leggings are the cutest!!! Thanks for linking up!

  4. Yum! The fries in that salad look like a great idea to me! Why have I never had that idea before!?