Friday, February 17, 2012

Week in pics

Our week started off with a little Valentine play date on Monday with Cate's friends, and yummy treats...
Then mama caught a bug and got sick Monday night, 
so my sweeties took care of me on Valentines day!=)
Matt caught the bug too, so my mom came up Wednesday and 
took care of Cate so we could recover...kind of a rough week=/
Luckily...Cate did NOT catch the bug, thank GOODNESS! 
But, she did chill out with us a lot...

and enjoyed her first oreo...
Today was cold and she wore her pink hood to the gym...
I just LOVE her in pink!!
shootin' hoops with dada...
I know this one is fuzzy, but she's catching some air...
and this was too sweet not to share...

Happy weekend!
life rearranged

Love Becky


  1. These pictures are too cute! Of course the first Oreo must be documented. Yum!

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  4. Your blog is precious! I love the last sweet!

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  8. that pose behind her head is adorable!! :)