Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's ok...

I had lunch with a friend last week, (while Cate had a romantic date at CFA with her lil guy), and we were talking about our babies (who are now 19  20 months old, how is that even possible?!?) are at the stage where it's all about them, even though it has been that way since the day they were born, and will be forever. But literally now, it's all about them. What they want, how they can be happy and satisfied, because if they aren't happy and satisfied, let's face it, us mama's aren't either. We talked about how every day is about picking your battles, and learning from them. Learning's ok.

For example:
~If it takes 45 minutes to get them dressed so you can leave the house, it's ok, because where you are going isn't really that important. They are...and everything else can wait.
~If my they want an oreo after every meal, it's ok, because that gives us time to clean up the kitchen without them hanging on our legs.
~If they purposely make a mess, it's ok, because a mess that can be cleaned up, nothing breakable, nothing hazardous, just a mess that can be wiped up with a towel. It's much easier to let them be messy and happy then be mad you took it away because YOU didn't want to clean up a mess.  
~If they have to have the DVD player on in the car, even if it's a ten minute trip down the road, it's ok, because they may just need a little down time too, and mama needs a peaceful drive. Can I get an amen?!?
~If they only take an hour and 15 minute nap, instead of two or three hours (like they should and need, and mama's need=), because that just gives us more time with them. Time that is precious and we will never get back. Time for more snuggles, and kisses. Time that some may long for... 

Needless to say...our littles have us wrapped around their little fingers right now, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  
Our Children are teachers

Our babies are such a gift, such a blessing, such a joy teaching us what life is really all about.
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Love Becky


  1. I agree completely - they are a blessing and teach so much!! xx

  2. Hi Becky!
    I'm so glad you found me!! I love your blog and I'm so excited to add your adorable button it mine! New follower as well :)

  3. what a sweet post. i love the quote too!!