Monday, March 5, 2012

It's time for March Madness...AND

the launch of my new collection: 
Introducing Team Spirit!
The PERFECT accessory for showing your spirit for your high school, college and even pro teams!
This necklace will scream for your team, and be an eye catcher! 
Choose your colors or color combinations,
and get a headband for your little, or for yourself!
TEN colors to choose from:
What are you waiting for?!? Get your spirit on!!!
 Check them out in my shop, and order yours today!

Annnnnnd since it's Monday, (good reason enough), 
The FIRST person to email me at 
with subject "my team" 
and tell me what your team colors are will get one for FREE!=)
(US only).

Love Becky


  1. ok ummm - i got crazy busy last week. I totally had a brain fail. I am emailing you.

  2. Those are so adorable!


  3. SO fabulous!!! I just love these! Guess I need a maroon and white one. Hehe.

  4. Oooh how cute these are!!! =)
    Much Love,