Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kaua'i Heli ride

Our first day on the island of Kaua'i, we took a doors off helicopter ride over the island. It was so breathtaking to see, (although definitely raised my blood pressure=) so beautiful, and the only way to see the entire island because the northwest part of it is inaccessible by road/foot.
 Rainbows really are everywhere. We saw this one just as we started the ride!
waterfalls are everywhere...
the famous Jurassic Falls...

 Flying over Waimea Canyon...

and the Na Pali Coast.

 Where the rich and famous own homes...
 Valleys and more waterfalls...
 This is a view of Wailua falls from the air...
 and this is a view from the lookout you can drive to...
Next up...around the Big Island!
Love Becky


  1. Magical..have always wanted to ride in one of brilliant. This place is marvelous! x

  2. Amazing pictures! I am you newest follower over her from the Bargain Blonde
    <3 Amanda

  3. newest follower! stopping by from the Bargain Blonde! glad I foundyour site tho, its ADORABLE! your trip looks aaamazing! im going to hawaii in april, cant wait!!! you took beautiful shots!

    xx Kelly

  4. such beautiful pictures!!!
    xx jes, fellow sponsor from for love of a cupcake and newest follower :)