Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My newest purchase

I'm really excited about my newest purchase. It's the little things right?
I've been wanting a double decker lazy susan spice rack for FOREVER. My mother in law has one and I love it, but she will not give it up. I searched long and hard for one a while back and came up with nothing. Well, a couple of days ago, I came across this beauty, (and yes I said beauty).
I found it online and ordered it from here.  I know its not the most fancy thing out there, 
but it's what I need and have been looking for. 
This little spice rack will finally let me tackle this project...
Pictured above is what I call my "baking cabinet." My hubby calls it a huge mess. Gasp, I guess it kind of is. The funny thing is, is that I think it is completely organized and know where EVERYTHING is in it and what I have to move to get to what I need=) I know which bowls are stacked into which, and how every baking pan needs to be placed in there for the doors to shut!
I have been wanting to re-organize this cabinet for a while, but always talked myself out of it because I know where everything is, and it works for me. As for why the lazy susan, I keep some baking spices in here, and some others in the little cabinets above our stove, which I can't reach, so when I need one of those spices, I will either grab a pair of tongs and grab the spice, which works fine until those spices get all out of sorts and I can't see what I am trying to grab, so then I grab a chair to stand on. Oh the joys of being petite...
Anyways, now that my new little spice rack lazy susan is on its way, I am determined to re-organize this little cabinet, and with some inspiration from Pinterest, I hope for it to look something like this...
Dollar Store Pantry- love that they provide the labels at the end. and the whole website is pretty amazing at organizing tips :) 
At least I would like for all my baking supplies to look like this, 
and then organize all the equipment underneath. 
We shall see.
Wish me luck y'all!

Love Becky 


  1. That is quite cool!! I need to re-organize my cupboards soon, they are a mess!! Love this!! xx

  2. I have that same spice rack, actually 2 like yours and one vintage green one passed down from my Mom. It's funny how little things can spark alot of organizing creativity! You will love it!!!

  3. Found your blog via the Blog Hop. I’m your newest GFC follower!

  4. Hi I'm a new follower via GFC and Linky follower. I found you via Our Reflection blog and just love your blog. Your daughter is adorable and love your header also. Hope you'll follow back. Will definitely check out your etsy shop! : 0
    I've been looking for these racks for a long time to organize my craft paints and my kitchen spice cabinet. Thanks for sharing the link.