Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sharing Hawaii

So now, The Biggest Loser is in Hawaii, and really making me miss it, again. I know I have shared some pics from our trip last October on here before, but I thought I would just go ahead and share the posts I wrote on my little family blog on this blog, sprinkled out here and there over the next few weeks. This trip was the best trip we have taken thus far. I highly recommend putting a trip to Hawaii on your bucket list. I thought we would go once, do everything we wanted to do, and then not have to go back. Boy was I wrong, I SO want to go back, and we will one day...I hope you enjoy!

Hawaii was amazing!!!

Definitely worth the (five plus one year) wait! From the time we were married, we knew we wanted to go to Hawaii for our five year anniversary. Well, last year on our five year anniversary, we had a newborn/three month old...not really feasible, right? Plus, Matt was still in MBA school, and we knew timing just wasn't right. So we waited, and thought maybe we would go during his winter break in December of last year. Well, we had a five month old, and couldn’t imagine leaving her, timing wasn't quite right then either. Then we planned on going this past May when Matt graduated. Well, timing wasn't quite right then either, we had a 10 month old who was not weaned, and we still weren't quite ready to leave her. So we waited a little longer, and then, after months of looking for just the right deal to come up, we found it, knew that it was it, and booked the trip back in August. I wanted to go as soon as possible, like the minute we booked it, but Matt said he thought it would be fun to go for our six year anniversary in October. I agreed. What better way to spend six years of wedded bliss than on the islands of Hawaii?!? 
Finally, the timing was PERFECT! 
By the time we would take the trip, we would have a 15 month old toddler, who would be weaned and not totally dependent on us, and LOVE spending time at her grandparents, and we figured Mama and Dada would finally be ready for a break as well. We were, and Cate did fabulous staying with her grandparents! The week was long without her, but Mama and Daddy kept VERY busy! We had a jam packed trip! Matt and I knew as we were planning this trip we wanted to explore the islands because there is just SO much to see there. We stayed on the island of Kauai, and did a couple of island hopping day trips over to the Big Island to see the volcanoes, and to Oahu to see Pearl Harbor and other parts of that island.  Those days were long and very busy, but we are SO glad we were able to see so much of Hawaii and learn so much about the history. On the days we stayed on Kauai, we rented a Jeep and just explored that island on our own. Between site seeing and trying to hit up all of the "ono" (which means really yummy) places to eat, those days ended up pretty jam packed as well! The food there is incredible. SO fresh and SO tasty! MMMM my mouth is watering right now thinking about the banana macadamia nut pancakes and macadamia nut butter mahi mahi we ate... SO good, some of the best meals we ate in our lives! 
We only took over 1000 photos while we were there, so I will share some of my faves from the different days  For now...enjoy...  

Next up will be the Kauai heli ride.

Love Becky


  1. Ah! SO jealous! Wish I could be there!

  2. Can't wait to go in May. I've been to most of the islands (moms best friend lived there), but am headed to kauai!!! I should probably go workout haha.. that bikini isn't looking too friendly right now.

  3. Wow, your photos are fantastic! I was born and raised here and I haven't been to most of the spots you visited. I know, sad right? :)

  4. Beautiful photos!!! I went to Hawaii in high school several years ago... Seeing the Arizona and Pearl Harbor was definitely an amazing experience!