Monday, March 26, 2012

A trip to the EXOTIC Zoo

The weather in Austin has been absolutely picturesque lately, so we've been trying to take advantage before the scorcher summer arrives. Last Friday, we took a scenic hill country drive out to Johnson City to the Exotic Zoo.  We enjoyed a safari style tour and saw many different animals...and fed them...=)

 their newest addition, sweet white baby goat.

 feeding buffalo...check out that tongue!!!

 Dada fed the ostrich...

 Cate loved seeing the zebras...

She wasn't too fond of the crazy camel...
but loved feeding the goats...

This zoo was pretty fun. (Although the goats tried to eat my cardigan, I have no idea why?!?) Matt and I thought it may be better than the regular zoo because you can't get that close to the big animals at the zoo, but the animals here are very different animals, so I guess it depends on what kind of animals you want to see?  Here the animals (buffalo included) come running up the the tour and they are ready for food!!! Can you say that you have fed a buffalo?!? I can!  Definitely a fun place out in the gorgeous Texas hill country!

Love Becky


  1. Fun! That baby goat is so cute. And it looks like Cate definitely had fun!

  2. Aww your girl is so cute!! As is this blog! Loving the colours and designs! (:
    God bless!
    Jess @

  3. I love the zoo- I think we'd better go back before the heat sets in too.